Current Projects:

Identifying the effects of increased cost sharing in Medicaid: We are currently evaluating how different state level policy changes affect the care usage of Medicaid enrollees using Medicaid claims data, with a particular focus on the chronically ill.

Evaluating the performance of Medicare Advantage Contracts, Accountable Care Organizations, and Health Systems in treating high need patients: Using a newly validated measure of high need status for Medicare patients, we are assessing how well different “accountable units” perform in meeting the needs of these patient populations from year to year.

Examining the role of Medicare Advantage in Nursing Homes: We are investigating first the potential steering of Medicare Advantage enrollees into nursing homes, and then assessing how Medicare Advantage concentration within a nursing home affects patient outcomes.

Partitioning the effects of Provider, Practice, and Patient on HIV ART adherence: Using Medicaid claims data, we analyzing the differential role that provider, practice, and patient characteristics may play in determining how likely a patient is to remain adherence to ART treatments for HIV.

Investigating the experience of HIV Patients in Nursing Homes: Using Medicaid and Minimum Data Set nursing home data, we are studying the outcomes and experience of HIV patients living in nursing homes, and evaluating what nursing home factors may lead to positive outcomes.

Past Research

A Meta-Analysis of Patient Centered Medical Home Evaluations: We conducted an extensive meta-analysis of a dozen national PCMH interventions in order to determine the effects of PCMH interventions on quality, utilization, and cost outcomes. Read about it in Health Affairs.